Fine Art Giclee Printing & Fine Art Scanning

The ability to capture a piece of artwork digitally such that its reproduction is true to the original and it is accepted as a spot-on success in the eyes of the artist involves uniquely specialized knowledge, many years of experience, considerable artistic talent and love of the work. It is where many rewards for our work are found.

Pencil Drawings
Painting of a man combing a women's hair by Sarah Coutour McphailPainting of a man by Liliya WolkPainting of a man by Liliya WolkTonias Relkov nude fine art
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How We Do It

The solutions we offer for the beautifully lifelike, digital capture of fine artwork are based upon our highly specialized, German made systems which were custom designed to capture every nuance of fine detail from within the subtle wisps of the lightest colours and tones down through to the deepest darks in the depths of a work.

No matter the method by which the artwork is captured and digitized, in each case the goal is to respond to the aesthetic of the piece and reproduce its essence and character as faithfully as it is possible to achieve.

We are highly competent in the handling of fine artwork whether it be acrylics, oils or pastels or charcoals or pencil drawings each piece is handled with the utmost care as the most effective technique is applied for its digital capture and reproduction.


In terms of pricing: it is always advisable to meet with us to review the specifics of your art and your requirements for its reproduction. From this we can provide a precise quote. We are always available to discuss in person, by email, ZOOM and / or telephone.

Fine Art Giclee Printing

We apply this same care to the process of crafting our prints which in every way reflect the beauty and character of the original works of art. It also accurately conveys a photographer’s vision as we render their supplied image files to fine prints.

We use only the finest OEM pigment inks (HDR, HDX, HDR Pro-12)  to craft stunning prints on several of the worlds finest quality cotton and high alpha-cellulose papers from Hahnemuhle, Canson, MOAB, Ilford, Awagami etc. See descriptions of many of our papers here.

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What is Giclee?

The term “Giclee” (English = “a squirt” or “fine spray”)  was coined in 1992 by one of the print makers at Nash Editions in California, a French-American by the name of Jacque Duganne. Nash Editions is a fine art print studio started by Graham Nash of the music group Crosby, Stills and Nash (later plus Neil Young). Nash was an avid photographer who wanted to use an early professional inkjet printer called IRIS Inkjet (which had been designed for accurate prepress proofing in commercial printing by IRIS Graphic Systems) for the purpose of printing editions of his own photographic work as well as fine art printing.