Fine Art Scanning

At Colour Systems Inc. we understand the profound value of art in all its forms. We believe that every piece of art deserves the utmost care and attention, especially when it comes to scanning and print reproduction. With a passion for precision and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we stand as your trusted partner in the world of Fine Art Scanning.

Pencil Drawings
Image of the Art Reproduction Studio, Toronto Fine Art Studio
5 Star Reviews

Clients love our Fine Art Scanning

“I’ve done two scans and prints at the studio and the results have been amazing. Paul is very kind and considerate, he works very carefully, and the results are worth it.”

- Rami Sam -

“very professional and friendly. Great one on one input and educational at the same time. Thank you.”

- Mahshid Farhoudi -

“The personal service one receives is impeccable. One is shown various papers from which to choose and the results from each. Advice is given, but the client's thoughts are always considered first. Students of mine have also used their services and are not intimidated and completely satisfied by the experience.”

- Linda Dobbs -

"Great work! The very best. I highly recommend Paul if you need perfection."

- Michael Suba-

“I’ve gone to Paul for prints over the years and his work is exceptional. He charges a fair price for excellent quality prints.”

- Geoffrey Vendeville-

“This establishment produces professional quality art printing. The owner is very knowledgeable regarding paper types and quality. As well the colour scans are so accurate sometimes I preferred the copy to the original!!”

- Christina Nielsen -

“Paul is an exceptional professional who will not compromise on quality. He gives good advice and follows through exceptionally well. Highly recommended”

- Jon Dellandrea -

Image of the Art Reproduction Studio, Toronto Fine Art StudioImage of the Art Reproduction Studio, Toronto Fine Art StudioImage of a flat bed scanner

How We Scan & Capture Your Fine Art

Our expertise in Fine Art Scanning is complimented by our meticulously crafted, German-made systems which are tailored specifically to capture the intricate details and subtle drawing found in fine art. These specialized systems are designed to capture every nuance of fine detail and tonality ranging from the subtle wisps of the lightest lights to the deepest darks within a work.

No matter the method by which the artwork is scanned and digitized, in each case the goal is to respond to the aesthetic of the piece and reproduce its essence and character as faithfully as it is possible to achieve.

We are highly competent in the handling of fine art whether it be acrylics, oils, pastels, charcoals, pencil drawings or mixed media each piece is handled with the utmost care as the most effective technique is applied for its digital capture and reproduction.

Scan Pricing

In terms of pricing: it is always advisable to meet with us to review the specifics of your art and your requirements for its reproduction. From this we can provide a precise quote. We are always available to discuss in person, by email, ZOOM and / or telephone.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fine Art Scanning